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What is a temporary mailbox?


Temporary mailboxes are also known as disposable mailboxes and anonymous mailboxes. we provide a simple short-term mailbox service. As a supplement to usual mailboxes, temporary mailboxes do not need to be registered and can be used by just opening a webpage. The usage method is similar to traditional mailboxes. But the timeliness of temporary mailboxes is very short, usually only 10 minutes, one hour, one day, etc. So it cannot be used as a long-term permanent mailbox.
It is mainly used to receive registration verification emails, spam emails, and generate a large number of emails in a short time. For example, testers use temporary emails to create a large number of temporary accounts to test common functions such as registration and login. For example, when you go to a website, It must require your email address, but if you don't want to provide a real email account for registration, you can choose to register this type of website and APP through a temporary email address to avoid your privacy leakage.



Why do you need anonymous 10-minute mail?


To download different programs, take advantage of certain websites, make new friends, and gain confidence in the network, you need an email. But who guarantee that your data won't fall into the hacker's hands? We made the right decision to protect your privacy - a disposable email address. Boxes created by our service will be automatically deleted 10 minutes after being generated. You can create unlimited new accounts, getting activation keys and other things that require an email address. By using 10 Minute Mail, you will remain anonymous. IP-addresses and other personal data will be permanently destroyed and no one will be able to trace the true owner of the mailbox. All inbox messages will also be deleted by the service. This way, you don't leave any digital prints behind. We'll note that the service can update the domain list independently, which can be picked up if there's a lot of spam on the server. It happens frequently; this situation causes all existing mailboxes to be deleted. You don't have to pay anything for this great tool that helps get letters anonymously. All you need is to generate a free email address.
If you need to register some websites (only email verification is required), but there is no guarantee for the security of some unknown websites. The following security issues may occur when registering with a real email address:
1) Personal passwords are leaked and used indiscriminately by collection and distribution, especially our friends who use one password for multiple accounts.
2) Disclosure of personal information.
3) Subject to spam attacks.

我们要下载不同的程序、注册某些网站、结交新朋友,您需要一封电子邮件。但谁保证你的数据不会落入黑客之手?我们做出了保护您的隐私的方案: 一次性电子邮件地址。我们邮箱生成后 10 分钟自动删除,您可以创建无限的新帐户,通过使用 10 分钟邮件,您将保持匿名, IP 地址和其他个人数据将被永久销毁,没有人能够追踪邮箱的真正所有者,该服务还将删除所有收件箱消息,这样,您就不会留下任何痕迹。。您无需为这个匿名邮箱支付任何费用。您只需要生成一个免费的电子邮件地址。
1) 个人密码被泄露,被收集和分发乱用,尤其是我们的朋友,一个密码多个账户。
2) 个人信息的公开。
3) 受到垃圾邮件攻击。
The advantages of using a temporary mailbox at this time: no registration, no personal real information, and leave after use. Make friends with information security and start instantly.

Apply for your free and disposable email address now and enjoy your self-destructing, spam-free email box right the way!



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